What Sets Us Apart

Our holistic dentists provide patients with the latest in advanced dental technology. Patients are ensured maximum comfort and safety by their insistence on providing the best, most current options in pain management and dental procedures.

Toward Freedom from Pain

Our philosophy includes our commitment to patients’ freedom from unnecessary pain. To this end, the office utilizes the revolutionary Biolase technology, KCP “drill-less” technology, Waterlase™ technology, as well as conscious sedation through nitrous oxide.


Patient safety is best guaranteed through rigorous sterilization of dental instruments. At Golden Dental Wellness Center, all instruments are sterilized with state-of-the-art autoclave technology by Tuttnauer. By utilizing dentistry's most advanced equipment, the office assures that your visit will be worry-free.

Patient Understanding

Traditionally overlooked, our dentists believes that patients' understanding of their options available is key to achieving the best results. To this end, our patient education equipment includes the intraoral camera—a tiny camera that takes pictures inside your mouth. This camera allows you to see your teeth and helps our dentists to discuss with you your treatment options. The camera is an excellent tool that allows you to get the most out of your consultations Golden Dental Wellness Center.


Our dentists' commitment to providing the highest quality dental care does not stop at the office. Golden Dental Wellness Center utilizes one of the highest rated state-of-the-art dental laboratories available in the New York area. For cosmetic work, our office employs a highly skilled technical artist. For Golden Dental Wellness Center and our satisfied patients, cosmetic dentistry is an art.

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