Calcium Method of Osteo-Cystic Therapy

Please check out our Case Report. It confirms excellent bone regeneration when the calcium method of Osteo-Cystic Therapy is used. Notice the bone of the two sockets after the extractions years 26 years ago has healed from the depth of the sockets toward the surface (BEFORE). However, something must have remained on the midline, like a Diastemic infection. (DURING) the Calcium Therapy that bone encapsulated the anaerobic colony on the midline, closed the infection off from the oral cavity, and then, regenerated the maxillary bone last (AFTER).

This Case Report presented with a fixed bridge in place 25 years. After two intense calcium treatments without anesthesia or surgery, a weekly regimen of the Calcium Chip was applied under the bridge area. Complete bone regeneration resulted in 15 months.
All information and studies are sourced from Dr. Manhart and the Calcium Therapy Institute. Click Here for more information.

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