Relaxation Dentistry

Imagine that you have a dentist appointment tomorrow and are scheduled to have work done. Instead of being worried or anxious, you take a little pill and get a great night’s sleep. When you get up, a companion escorts you to the dental office, where you lay back, get a cozy blanket and are given some more relaxing meds. Soon you are dozing off and getting some much-needed rest. While you are in dreamland, your dentist is gently and painlessly restoring your mouth to a state of perfect health and beauty. After what seems like just a short while, he is calling your name to wake you up. Your companion appears and gets you home, where you recline on a couch, watch tv and eat ice cream. You might even catch up on some more sleep, if you wish.

Relaxation Dentistry is the use of anti-anxiety and relaxation medications to help a person completely relax through their dental visit while restoring your smile. Due to the nature of the sedation pill, you are not aware of the length of your visit and it seems like a very short time has elapsed.

This type of dental visit is designed for people who are anxious and/or have had a traumatic experience at a dental office and have no desire to ever go back. It also works well for extremely busy people who want to have as few visits as possible. Other people who benefit from this experience are those who have trouble holding their mouth open as well as people who find it hard to sit still. For patients who have a strong gag reflex, having relaxation dentistry is the perfect answer.

The cost of Relaxation Dentistry is very reasonable, and some insurance companies will actually cover this. Outside financing is also offered to help you fit this into your budget.

Depending on what procedures you had done, your response to Relaxation Dentistry may be anything from nothing to moderate soreness that can easily be treated with something like ibuprofen.

This is an extremely safe procedure when performed by someone who is certified and well trained. Dr. Peter Silver, DDS has over 30 years of experience in this field. Your vital signs are monitored constantly, and the dosing of the medications are done very carefully and safely.

While you are having a Relaxation session at his office, there is no doubt that Ozone will be involved. In the office, Ozone is used to kill bacteria before placing restorations, to fight gum disease and even to help whiten teeth! This versatile gas can be bubbled into water or oil and placed under the gums and used as a rinse.

So, if you or someone you know might consider having this very positive experience, please give us a call (516) 627-8400. FREE CONSULT & EXAM valued at $325 with mention of Natural Awakenings!

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