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"I have to say that having Dr. Golden do my cosmetic dentistry changed my life. I have veneers on my top and bottom teeth and they are beautiful. When I first came to her years ago, I had very small, little teeth and they barely showed when I smiled. Now, I have a lovely smile and it gives me so much confidence. She is caring, conscientious, and a skilled cosmetic dentist."


"Dr. Golden has always made her office feel like "home." In what potentially can be a scary situation (no one likes dental work), somehow she always manages to make me feel comfortable. Her holistic approach and caring attitude make her unique!"


"I am so happy that I chose to go to Golden Dental! Dr. Golden, and her staff are wonderful. The office is comfortable, and clean, with some of the most modern amenities I had seen in a holistic office. The assistants are attentive, and caring. I had a dental emergency, and was grateful that they were able to schedule me in with such short notice. I really appreciate the natural alternatives, essential oils, and NO FLUORIDE! Dr. Golden herself was extremely knowledgeable, and took extra time to make sure that the work she was doing was going to be comfortable for me after I left the office. I was impressed with how she was able to examine my mouth and discern the multitudes of prior dental work that I have had done. I will be returning to Golden Dental for my regular oral healthcare, and will surely be recommending their services to my friends and clients."


"I've been coming here for 15 years and Dr. Golden and her staff have always been amazing. They work hard to make sure you are comfortable and your visit is pain-free. She is a perfectionist and wants everything done perfectly. I've seen Dr Rizvi as well and she is also great."


"Came here with a same-day dental emergency and the entire staff was very warm and welcoming. Dr Rizvi doesn't just perform her job very well, but sincerely cares for the well being of her patients. She even called in for a follow up the next day. Dr. Rizvi is a sincere, empathetic, and attentive doctor and I highly recommend her."


"Dr Golden is terrific, attentive, a real person and responds quickly. I had recent root canal and she was in touch with me all weekend.  She restored almost my entire mouth following some damage to teeth."


"Wow, after reading Debbie F and Jane M's review I felt I had to respond.  I have been a patient of Dr. Golden's since the early 90s and she's been absolutely solid, from her skill set to her bedside manner.  I've referred many patients to her including one who had an extreme fear of dentists.  Because of her, his teeth are now in good condition and he continues to see her for regular check ups.  My usual wait time to see her is zero to 10 minutes.  The quality of her work is very high.  My whole family sees her and she's done regular fillings, extractions, cosmetic work (she is A+++++ here.  Ask to see her book) and crowns for us.  If she doesn't feel comfortable performing a procedure that you need (e.g. difficult root canal or implant), she'll tell you immediately and refer you to another dentist that specializes in that procedure.  I can't say enough good things about her."


"When we all look for a dentist, we should be looking for the same qualities: a clean office, a dentist who is trained in the most up-to-date procedures and who possesses the most modern technology/equipment in their office, and a person who is both a consummate professional and also a compassionate human being.  I have never found a dentist who has come even close to fulfilling all these characteristics until I met Dr. Golden, and she not only meets these expectations, but highly exceeds them.

Additionally, there is a huge bonus that comes with choosing Dr. Golden as your dentist--she is a holistic dentist in every sense of the word.  When I extensively researched dentists, I wanted to know what it meant to them to be holistic, if they were self-described as such.  For many of them, it just meant being open-minded about not using toxic materials like mercury-laden amalgam fillings, or at best, to actually providing a variety of alternative filling materials.  However, to be a true holistic dentist, means to see one's dental health as an integral part of the patient's overall health.  On that note, such a dentist should do what he or she can to use the most minimally invasive procedures and the most biologically sensitive and safe materials for your body.  Dr. Golden does just that and for this reason the name of her practice, the Golden Dental Wellness Center, is a great choice of words, because I can assure you that Dr. Golden will improve your "dental wellness" in the most holistic way possible, and in so doing, you will feel better about your over all general health.

So, to summarize, if you are looking for a dentist who will take care of your or your children's (she is fantastic with kids) dental needs, look no further.  Dr. Golden is meticulous, conscientious, caring, highly skilled, well-educated, and experienced (having graduated from NYU Dental School over 20 years ago).  I feel confident that every time I walk into Dr. Golden's office, both my child and I will walk out with a smile, both literally and figuratively, and there is no greater compliment that I can pay a dentist than that."


"My father was my dentist for 50 years. After he retired, I cracked a molar, and someone recommended Dr. Golden to me. She came in on a holiday to help me at no charge. At that point, I knew I had found my new dentist and a professional that genuinely cared. I was impressed with her high tech office and her holistic approach to dentistry. As an artist, I love that Dr. Golden herself is an artist and it shows in her work. I look forward to having her design veeners for my top teeth."


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